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InsureApp is the world’s first lifestyle-based insurance and offers a revolutionary approach to customer engagement. We blend with our user's lifestyle-patterns and adapt to their real-time needs by offering individualized and on-demand insurance.

We recon that the Insurance industry is so far institutionalized that the gap with the consumer has never been bigger. Products are designed based on a group and therefore never match the needs of an individual, let alone on a real-time basis.

Despite all, we agree insurance is a necessity for economical and social movement and that’s why we are determined to revolutionize it.

How it works

We apply a revolutionary approach to customer engagement which combines automated lifestyle triggers, a disruptive distribution model and offers instant on-demand insurance for the things you love most.

By fusing and interpreting smartphone sensor data we contextualize human behavior and translate this into the most personalized insurance on the planet.

We blend with a user's real-time needs based on context and patterns by offering relevant insurances when applicable for example travel insurance or on-demand insurance such as bike insurance.

Our self-learning algorithms predict circumstances and take action when required by providing accurate notifications regarding the possible prevention of loss (e.g. driving behavior) or coaching (e.g. texting while driving).

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Our possibilities are endless and wide spread over all insurance categories:

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Car Insurance

  • Auto UBI & driver coaching leveraging driver profiling
  • From pay-as-you-drive to pay-how-you-drive
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On-demand insurance

  • Contextual insurance based on ad-hoc needs

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Home insurance & Assisted living

  • Home activity monitoring & real-time risk prevention
  • Assisted living & anomaly detection/alerts
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Health & Life insurance

  • Health Insurance premiums based on healthy lifestyle
  • Well-being monitoring & coaching


Feel free to test our platform using our showcase app. It is currently available in the AppStore and will soon be available in the Google PlayStore.

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