• The World’s First
    Insurance Platform

  • The World’s First
    Insurance Platform

  • The World’s First
    Insurance Platform

Our mission is to make insurance

extremely-smart and hyper-personalized

Insurance today is rather dull. It is far from personal, based on very limited data
and sold because of mandatory obligations or to a buyer’s fears.

This makes insurance a below low-interest product,
that doesn’t meet the demands of the new generation of consumers.

But things are about to change…

Welcome to the InsureApp platform

InsureApp offers a revolutionary approach to customer engagement. Through our mobile SaaS platform we blend with our user’s lifestyle-patterns and adapt interactions and insurance products to their real-time needs.

By applying the world’s most sophisticated AI technologies we interpret data gathered from smartphone sensors, IoT devices and/or services to contextualize human behavior.

Based on this we can automatically engagement and interaction with the user. It includes commercial-triggers, aimed at cross- and up-selling of insurances and coaching-triggers aimed to change behaviour (eg. coach for safer driving). These are personalized, multichannel notifications (mobile, web, email and/or devices) based on real-time events and user patterns.

Finally we customize and personalize the insurance products. Our platform can integrate with an existing insurance backend or with our partnered cloud-based Insurance-as-a-Service platform including actuarial models (automotive), dynamic pricing or pricing based on machine learning, direct quotation, comparison and instant policy issuance.


The InsureApp platform can be applied in a variety of ways, these are our core value propositions:


sports-car (1)

Target market

  • Car insurance
  • Leasing & Fleet management
  • Rental
  • Car-sharing

Value proposition

  • Driving style (accelerating, speeding, breaking and distractions)
  • Purpose & Context of trips
  • App-only & Battery Economic (avg. 5% per day)


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Target market

  • Financial Services
  • Telecom Operators
  • Utilities
  • Retail

Value proposition

  • Cross- & Up selling of insurances based on user insights and lifestyle patterns (On-demand and Just-in-Time)
  • Additional recurring revenue stream based on commissions (non-insurer)
  • New distribution channel (insurers)
  • Leverage user insights and lifestyle patterns to improve original offering or to create new value added services

Health & Wellbeing


Target market

  • Health & Life (re)insurers
  • Large organisations (HR)

Value proposition

  • Monitoring & Coaching for better health
  • Combine insights in Social activity, Physical activity & Work-Life Balance
  • In-depth Health analytics (eg. heart rate, acute stress & sleep stages)


Feel free to test the possibilities of our platform using our showcase app. It is currently available in the AppStore and in the Google PlayStore.

Investor relations

Are you interested in becoming a partner or do you want to support us on our quest towards world domination, please drop us an email at hello@insureapp.com.

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